Chitwan National Park

There's more to Nepal than its mountains... Come and discover Chitwan National Park, a haven of peace in the lower Terai region, just a few kilometers from the Indian border.

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Chitwan National Park

With its awe-inspiring landscape, lush vegetation and backdrop of the Himalayas, the park has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984. 932 km² of forests, wetlands and grasslands make it a prime destination for observing a diverse range of flora and fauna. In addition to the emblematic one-horned rhino, you'll find elephants, crocodiles, monkeys and other deer populating the park. If you're lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the Bengal tiger...

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We suggest you set down your luggage in one of Sauhara's pleasant hotels or guesthouses and then set off to discover the park and the region. Situated on the Rapti River, Sauhara is a charming tourist village.

Happy Nepal Trek offers you the chance to create a few days' holiday together, with a program of discovery, hiking and relaxation...

Let's set off on foot or by bike to discover the small Tharu villages and their ancestral way of life. A short stop by the Rapti River and the children join us for a refreshing bath. The villagers of this local ethnic group will enthusiastically perform a show of traditional dances, after which you can visit the interesting Tharu Culture Museum.

Elephant safari

Then meet the elephants for a safari, the best way to see animals. The wildlife is less frightened by the passage of an elephant than by the noise of a jeep or a group of hikers. Depart early in the morning to avoid being knocked out by the heat. The walk takes between 2 and 3 hours.

Afterwards, taking part in their grooming is sure to relax you. In fact, every day in the late morning, the mahouts bring their elephants to the river's edge. So bring a swimsuit and climb on their backs - they'll be sure to douse you with their trunks.


What if you now took to the canoe to observe the river's inhabitants? We set off at dawn and glide along the water to meet crocodiles and a multitude of water birds. These tours, along the Rapti River, start from Sauraha and include a 1-hour descent, followed by a 2-hour guided walk back to the village, often with a stop at the elephant village.

Chitwan National Park is easily accessible, either by road from Kathmandu and Pokhara, or by plane from the small airport at Bharatpur.

So don't hesitate to spend a few days in this place, which is sure to amaze you and make the perfect addition to your trip to Nepal...