Visiting Kathmandu

Visitez Katmandou, le berceau du Népal.
Arpentez les trois villes majeures, PatanBhaktapur et bien sûr la capitale Katmandou.
Découvrez l’artisanat, les monuments et les activités de ce centre culturel et religieux.




For those who have never set foot in Nepal, the shock is brutal. Narrow streets where pedestrians, rickshaws, vehicles and motorcycles compete for space in a concert of horns and bells. A motley crowd coming and going in an incessant hubbub. Crumbling houses clinging to one another, surrounded by narrow streets that can only be navigated on foot. Sacred cows roam freely through the town, and the piles of electric wires running alongside the buildings give the impression that all these installations are temporary...

But how can we fail to marvel at this solidly rooted, unadorned way of life? Despite poor urban infrastructure, pollution, dilapidated buildings, power cuts and the cacophony of honking horns, Kathmandu's aura remains astonishingly magical.

Flâner dans le quartier de Thamel à la recherche d’un souvenir, découvrir l’insolite Pashupatinath (lieu de culte indou), les magiques et somptueux stupas bouddhistes de Bodhnath et Swayambhunath pour finir par parcourir l’éternel Durbar Square ou la place Hanuman Doka…. Tels sont les endroits les plus arpentés par les touristes dont quelques-uns sont inscrits au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO.


Of the valley's three former royal cities, Bhaktapur is the one that has best preserved its medieval appearance. The town is inhabited by a large majority of mainly Hindu Newars. Its residential quarters are made up of tall red-brick houses with skilfully carved wooden windows.

Car traffic is restricted. The squares and streets are buzzing with activity: making and sun-drying pottery of all shapes and sizes, dyeing skeins of wool, washing clothes by hand at the fountains, cleaning and drying rice and wheat at harvest time.

Despite the density of its activities, Bhaktapur resembles a large village...


Located to the south of Kathmandu, Patan, once known as Lalitpur, "the beautiful city", is considered the cradle of Newar art and architecture, which has left its mark on the entire valley.

Like Bhaktapur, it has preserved its cultural heritage better than the capital. Many craftsmen perpetuate the tradition of ironwork and goldsmithing.

The city boasts more than 50 major temples, and Durbar Square, while not as imposing as Kathmandu's, is nonetheless one of the most beautiful royal squares in the valley.

Le séjour


9 days



Best periods

spring and autumn


nights in lodges and hotel

Tous les séjours sont ajustés et personnalisés pour chaque personne ou groupe de personnes en prenant en compte :

  • Arrival and departure dates of the stay
  • Choice of guide (English or French)
  • Type of transfer chosen (bus, jeep, plane)
  • Possible route variants


Day 1

Pick-up from Kathmandu International Airport and transfer to hotel. Visit to the tourist and commercial district of Thamel. First immersion in the city's many gems.

Day 2

Transfer to Sankhu by bus, passing by the sublime Stupa of Bodnath, a major Buddhist pilgrimage site (2h journey), then walk to Nagarkot, where we can admire a splendid sunset against the backdrop of the Everest massif (3 to 4h walk).

Day 3

A day's walk through the Nepalese hills to Dhulikhel (4 to 5 hours' walk).

Day 4

The day plunges us into the heart of the Nepalese countryside. Suspension bridges and footpaths lead us to the monastery of Namo Buddha, perched on its eagle's nest and adorned with prayer flags. Here, life flows peacefully to the sound of prayers (3 to 4 hours' walk).

Day 5

Today we head for Balthali, a peaceful Newar village at 1700m. Countless terraced crops line the paths, which are also lined with rhododendrons and other brightly-colored magnolias (4 to 5h walk).

Day 6

Before reaching Bhaktapur and its medieval architecture, we head for Panauti and its small cobbled streets with a spiritual atmosphere (2 to 3h walk then 2h drive).

Day 7

After a visit to Bhaktapur and its many squares, we're back on the road to Kathmandu, stopping off at the surprising yet famous Hindu site of Pashupatinath. Its temple remains the most sacred place for Hindus in Nepal.

Day 8

Kathmandu is full of treasures and we will spend the day wandering between Durbar Square, Patan Square, Hanuman Place, Dreams of Garden and the Buddhist temple of Swayanbunath.

Day 9

Transfer to the airport and departure.